Glitter FOE


规格:30 Colors X 1 Yard Each Total 30 Yds Per Package
单位:30 yards/pack
 √ Our GLITTER METALLIC FOLD OVER ELASTIC RIBBON material is 100% SPANDEX and measures 5/8 inch wide and 30 yards/pack.
√ A wide variety of GLITTER ELASTIC colors at the most economical price: 30 colors for choice.
√ Cut into continuous 1 yard piece wrapped on our convenient storage cards which provides perfect organization for storing your crafting elastic.
√ Best stretch elastic ribbon, one side is shiny elastic, other is matte. For DIY: hair bands, hair ties, headbands, scrapbooking, wedding garters, bouquets, cloth diapers, and other crafts.
√ Made by mdribbons